Anytime any data is uploaded to a web hosting account or downloaded from it, some website traffic is generated and that is a component that each hosting plan has. It is moreover one of the attributes it is important to take a look at, because the amount of website traffic quota you'll need depends upon what you need the account for. The website traffic is generally produced by downloads which includes website visits. In simple terms, whenever someone visits your site, the webpages are downloaded from the server on his/her computer and they are afterwards shown by their internet browser. It's of course important to know that uploads matter too, hence if you back up bigger files from your computer to the server, some site traffic is generated as well. Different suppliers may have different names for this specific feature, for instance traffic, bandwidth, data transfer, however they all refer to the same thing - the exact amount of incoming and outgoing data produced for some period of time.
Monthly Traffic in Web Hosting
All our web hosting plans were created with the notion to take care of the site traffic made by any web site that can exist in such an account. When you own one or several small-scale or medium-sized websites, you won't be limited by the monthly site traffic quota regardless of what content you have - plain text or perhaps numerous images, for example. The statistics inside the hosting Control Panel gives you comprehensive data about the site traffic produced by each site plus the amount for your account as a whole. The numbers are updated live and indicate both the day-to-day and the monthly usage, so you'll be aware of how much information is transferred to and from your website hosting account at any time. The very first day of each and every month the counter is reset, but you will still be able to see the website traffic statistics for the past months, that will inform you on how your sites perform.
Monthly Traffic in Semi-dedicated Servers
All of our semi-dedicated server packages can host multiple resource-demanding sites because they feature a great deal of processing power. Such sites quite often generate a lot of web site traffic and because of this we've made the decision not to restrict this feature. With a semi-dedicated server, you'll be able to have as many site visitors as you are able to get without worrying that you will hit a restriction for the site traffic they can produce. For your convenience, you will be able to keep track of what is going on in your account since we will give you hourly, daily and monthly numbers for the web site traffic your web sites produce. Consequently, you will be aware of the way they perform any time. You'll even be able to observe which page or file has produced most of the traffic for any web site hosted in your semi-dedicated server account.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Servers
Using a dedicated server, you'll have an extremely powerful hosting product at your disposal and the traffic quota that you will get suits all of the other characteristics. The server can generate terabytes of site traffic each month, thus irrespective of the kind or number of websites that you host, you will never have to worry about them being unavailable because of inadequate website traffic. To be on the safe side though, we'll give you the opportunity to improve this feature if needed. We'll notify you well in advance when you get close to the limit, so you'll have the option to upgrade or reduce your website traffic by optimizing your content and avoid any disruption of the work of your web sites. You can monitor the used and remaining website traffic for the current month through the control panel that we supply. The information there includes all incoming & outgoing transfers, such as software installations and updates. In comparison, a hosting Control Panel provides more detailed info, however only for the website traffic to and from a web hosting account, not the server altogether.