The hardware configuration of the server where you host your Internet sites is rather important and can have an effect on their functionality. As a site includes also databases, logs, a Control Panel to manage the content, an email service, and so on, you need suitable hardware which can support all of these processes. A unit with a high CPU speed will mean that your web applications will be executed quicker, while additional physical memory will permit extra system processes to run concurrently, therefore the hardware shall have direct impact on how your websites perform and if the server isn't powerful enough, they will work slowly or will not function at all. In this light, you should check not only what attributes a certain web hosting plan features, but also if the hardware will be suitable to support these features.
24-core servers, hardware in Web Hosting
In case you decide to get one of our web hosting plans, you will not need to be worried about the servers where your Internet sites will be accommodated or about the deficiency of resources. We use an advanced cloud platform and each and every service is taken care of by its own cluster of servers. Every machine inside the clusters features 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so regardless of the applications you wish to work with, they'll work at top speed at all times. We can always include additional machines to any of the clusters, meaning that the processing power and the disk space for our plans is practically unrestricted. For even improved performance, we use NVMe drives for the storage, that will increase the performance of your websites significantly. As the servers are not only extremely powerful, but also redundant, you will not notice any downtime for any Internet site which you host with us.
24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Servers
Unlike a lot of hosting providers that run everything on a single server, we use a modern cloud hosting platform, so if you get a semi-dedicated server account from our company, it will be made on that platform. The latter consists of many clusters that handle the different parts of the web hosting service such as file storage, log generation, databases, and so on. Each and every cluster contains extremely powerful servers with 24-core processors and 64 GB physical memory which guarantee excellent loading speeds for all sites hosted on our end. The performance of your web applications will be enhanced even more by the NVMe drives which we use. The cluster system allows us to supply a lot of unlimited features with the semi-dedicated plans and if you acquire an account, you'll really be able to benefit from them since we can expand any of the clusters by attaching more servers with the very same hardware setup.
24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Servers
The dedicated servers that we offer feature different hardware configurations in order to give you a choice to get the most suitable one with regard to the resources you need and the funds you have, but they all are rather powerful and will give you top-notch performance for any kind of site. Based on what you intend to run, you'll be able to use as many as 12 CPU cores with more than 24 GHz processing speed and up to 16 GB of physical memory solely for your web apps. All of the components which we use for the servers are tested meticulously before and after your machine is assembled to make sure that there isn't any defective hardware. If any kind of issue presents itself however, the support crew that is available 24/7 in our US datacenter can change any part and restore the proper operation of your server within no more than a couple of minutes.