Even though a regular web hosting account is usually set up automatically, there're always smaller configuration tasks which are done manually by the web hosting service provider. Installing a virtual or a dedicated server requires more efforts as a lot of time is spent to install and configure the hardware and software setting, then test the server to ensure its correct operation before it's given to the end user. To cover the time spent on that, numerous suppliers have an installation charge which you will be required to pay any time you acquire your new hosting package. Often, that fee will not appear prior to reaching the payment page and you will not see it before that on the main page next to the hosting plan attributes. In the general case, this fee is one-time and it will range from a small to a significant amount of money based on the supplier.
Setup Fee in Web Hosting
When you get a web hosting plan through us, the end price that you will have to pay through the checkout will be exactly the same as the cost you've already seen on our front page and on every other page on our web site. The payment processing as well as the account creation on our cutting-edge cloud hosting system are almost completely automatic, so we think that charging you any kind of installation fees whatsoever would be very unreasonable. Even when you order a couple of accounts at one time, you won't need to spend anything for the setup or for any other kind of concealed fees for that matter. It's our concept that being honest with each client since the very beginning is far more beneficial than obtaining a few extra dollars.
Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you buy a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, you will pay just the monthly charge that is already displayed on the web site. Your account will be made on our servers and we will activate it within a few minutes at no extra fee. This shall be valid for each and every monthly charge and whatever the number of accounts that you obtain. It's our belief that it is unreasonable to charge additional money for a process that we've almost fully automated, which means that you'll never see any setup fees or another hidden costs. By reason of this, the costs that are displayed on our front page, on the payment page as well as on your bank statement will be identical.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers
When you order a dedicated server from our company, all you'll have to pay is the regular monthly price for the package. We shall put together the hardware that you have chosen throughout the signup, we'll set up an OS, web server, hosting Control Panel and all other software that is included with our plans, then test your machine, but we'll never require that you pay anything extra for that. The price of the dedicated server you pick is always exactly the same - on our main page, on the order page and throughout your payment process, and there are no hidden charges of any sort. When you obtain a dedicated server with our Hepsia control panel and you already have a shared web hosting account through our company, we will transfer all your content - again free of charge.